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Glam & Glō Squad: Q & A

Q: What brand of makeup do you use?

I use a variety of different makeup brands . Not one kind of foundation is going to work on all skin types therefor, I keep a variety of makeup products and brands on hand to accustom to the different needs of my clients

Q: Are you comfortable with mature skin?

We love to work with all different skin and ages. We work hard to keep up with our education to make sure we can accommodate many different skin types , textures , and ages. 

Q: Can you accommodate big parties?

Absolutely! We love working with big parties and seeing the love and excitement going around the room! Depending on how much time you have to get ready and how many people you have , will will accomidte any size party.

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

I do. I charge $50 per 1 hour of travel. If it take less time to travel , I will only charge for the time I traveled. For example: If it only takes me 30 minutes to travel to/from you, I will add the travel fee on your invoice to $25.

Can you make my makeup last all day?

Absolutely! I have specialty products that I use on very hot days to prevent sweat from running down the face as well as products that will last all day , and keep looking fresh.

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