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Top 3 Prom makeup trends

Updated: Apr 25

A young lady wearing makeup for her prom

Prom is upon us full force and so are the makeup and fashion trends! From prom dress shopping, the perfect makeup look, the most suited hairstyle to the shoes. Prom isn’t just about how you will look, its about planning for the night to celebrate ! Dinners, friendships, dates and after parties…

Monochromic Makeup

If you are the type that loves to be matching from head to toe, this look is for you. To create the perfect monochromic look, you match your cheek color, eye color and lip color with the same color pallet. Think of your favorite lipstick, then add a touch to your cheeks and go all out with it on your eyelids. You can create a muted tone or a full bright gorgeous tone that matches your dress. Don’t be afraid of color, its all the hype in 2022!

Nude Smokey Eye

Nude smokey eye makeup is the most beautiful , classic makeup look. You cant go wrong with this trend. If you don't have a lot of confidence in makeup or don't want to stand out too much, doing a simple smokey eye is the way to go. To achieve your smoky eye look, you will need to have different shades in the color you choose. You will need 1 light shade, 1 or 2 medium shades, and 1 dark shade. For example, if you decide to use brown, then get a light brown, a medium brown, and a dark brown . First , apply the lightest shade all over the lid. Then apply your medium shade(s) and start to work them into the middle to outer corder of the lid. Lastly, take your darkest shade and blend that into the outer corner of the lid to create the most subtle smokey eye.

Neon Eyelide Makeup

If you are the bold and daring person, this trend is definitely for you. If you love bright and dramatic colors this neon lid trend will make you a showstopper! Choose your favorite neon color ( perhaps match to your bright neon colored prom dress) and apply the neon shadow all over your lid. To make it pop extra big, drag out the color to make a cat eye. This will give it all the glam and make you feel like a superstar on prom night.

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