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5 ways to prepare for your perfect Bridal look!

Updated: May 18

A bride getting her makeup done by a makeup artist

1.Create a mood board to establish a clear vision.

If have some vision ,or are compltly lost about how you want to look on your big day we encourage you to start getting acquainted with pinterest. The platform features countless images of makeup inspiration you can compile photos digitally. If you choose to work with a makeup artist for your bridal day look, Pinterest is helpful to share images for your collaboration.

2. Take photos during your bridal trial:

Finding a makeup artist who understands your vision and style is important. Spending time to work out exactly how you want to look on your wedding day will save a lot of stress on your wedding day. It's always best to have a trial ( or two) ahead of time and double check for any flashback in your photos.

3.Pamper your skin for the best base possible.

Makeup will always looks best on exfoliated, hydrated and glowing skin. If you haven't had a good skincare routine, now is the time to start. Healthy, glowing skin makes the perfect canvas for great looking makeup. Regular facials help to prep skin, but try to avoid having any invacive type of facials or treatments to close to the big day. Some simple additions that will transform your skin for the big day are getting a light and gentle exfoliating treatment and a derma-planing treatment.

4. Primer is key for making your makeup last.

Your wedding day - although, one of the most exciting days- can be a very long day. Applying primer to your skin before makeup applicatoin will help your makeup stay on and look fresh through every photo, every dance and the toast! Don't worry , your makeup artist will have pleanty on hand!

5. Ask your makeup artist if she/he provides a touch-up kit.

In most cases, your makeup artist wont be able to stick around for the entire event. However, she could provide an essentials touch up kit. This could include:

* Extra lipstick/lipgloss

* Blotting papers

* Makeup remover cloth

Prepare for your perfect bridal look

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